We help you navigate the legal complexities that come with the residential care business


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To provide legal protection to providers who care for others.


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Residential Care Legal Protect (RCLP) was founded in 2021 in `, California to help the senior care industry get access to affordable, competent, responsive, effective, and professional legal services, specializing in the legal issues confronting the residential care industry.


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Residential Care Legal Protect will be the first monthly Legal Membership Program in the country exclusively focused on the care industry.

About Our Founder

  • The founder of the company is Todd Brooks.
  • Todd Brooks (Air Force Veteran, US Air Force Academy Graduate) has been in the residential care business since 2008 and currently operates 5 residential care home communities in San Diego County.
  • Over the years, Todd has had firsthand experience with the growing regulatory and legal complexity of the senior care business.

Here Is What Todd Brooks Has to Say…

  • “The days of the small mom and pop operator are rapidly coming to an end at a time where we need more capacity. Platforms that leverage technology to offer and enhance providers (many who are women and minority-owned) operational and marketing effectiveness is essential.”
  • “Based on my experience, it is my contention that the single greatest threat to the residential care home industry being a viable business is attracting, developing, and retaining quality staffing.”
  • “The next most significant threat that’s right behind the first is litigious and frivolous lawsuits that detract the operator’s focus on providing superior care. If we do not provide a user–friendly legal platform for the small independent operator, consolidation is inevitable leaving many to jettison the industry”
  • “We believe Residential Care Legal Protect will offer a tremendous value in leveling the playing field. You will have access to the most competent legal professionals who specialize in the care industry allowing you to focus on what matters most – caring for people.”